Prevent Mold Growth in Your Erie Home

A danger that comes from water damage in your basement is the potential for mold to grow. Besides just a wet mess to clean up, water damage in your basement can create a health-hazardous mold that can contaminate the air in your home. 

If you think you may have dangerous mold in your Erie basement or crawlspace, and that your home is at risk for mold growth, trust in the experts at Total Foundation Solutions to provide waterproofing solutions to protect your home. 

What Causes Mold to Grow?

Mold must have moisture in order to grow. If your basement is perfectly dry, it has clean air and is not at risk for mold growth. A moist environment creates the perfect setting for mold to grow. 

During the right conditions, mold can grow extremely quickly in as little as 24 hours. In places that have high humidity, the warm and moist air can cause mold to rapidly grow. Mold is not shy when it comes to spreading and can grow on walls, floors, ceiling, or any other object in its way. 

Installing the correct waterproofing systems can help keep your basement dry and clean while preventing dangerous mold growth in your Erie basement or crawl space


The Dangers of Mold in Your Basement

Other than its unsightly appearance, mold can cause a number of health-related issues for you and your family. If mold starts to grow in your basement from untreated water damage, it can release toxic mold spores that can contaminate the air in your home. 

Although not all mold is toxic, any mold is considered bad mold when it comes to your home. If you or your family are exposed to mold, you could experience the following symptoms:

  • Stuffy nose
  • Irritated throat
  • Coughing or wheezing
  • Eye irritation
  • Skin irritation

It’s likely that your family could have some allergen-related symptoms if your basement has a mold problem. In the worst-case scenario, it could lead to more serious respiratory issues. 

To avoid your family from being affected by mold problems, it’s best to implement waterproofing systems in your basement to avoid water damage altogether. 

A proactive approach to waterproofing and mold growth prevention in your Erie basement or crawlspace, could save you and your family a lot of time, money, headaches, and potentially health-hazardous risks in the future.

Different Types of Mold

There are many different types of mold that can grow in your basement. There are approximately eleven different mold types that can appear in your home as a result of water damage. 

Alternaria: One of the more common molds found indoors. Usually appears in dark places of the home and can cause allergic reactions. 

Aspergillus: Very common in households and relatively harmless to your health. 

Aureobasidium: Most commonly found on wood surfaces and walls and can appear as pink and black spots. Can cause minor allergic reactions. 

Chaetomium: Typically found in drywall and can give off a musty smell. 

Cladosporium: Typically found in carpet, wood floorboards, wooden cabinets, and older fabrics. Can cause respiratory issues. 

Fusarium: Grows in wetter areas and on fabric surfaces. Can cause allergic reactions and inflammation. 

Penicillium: Typically found in insulation or water-damaged furnishings and can spread quickly. Can cause allergic reactions and sinus infections. 

Stachybotrys Chartarum: Known as black mold or toxic mold. Typically gives off a musty smell and can grow in A/C units and air ducts. Can cause breathing issues and other dangerous respiratory problems. 

Serpula Lacrymans: Commonly grows on wooden surfaces and appears to be yellow. 

Trichoderma: Found in damp areas with carpeting or wallpaper and can cause sinus infections or allergic reactions. 

Ulocladium: Typically found in severe water damage likely caused by a flood. Can cause allergic reactions and infections. 

How to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Erie Basement or Crawlspace

The best way to prevent mold growth is to completely eliminate any moisture. Mold cannot grow in a dry environment, so it’s best to get rid of any humidity or moisture in your basement.

We offer the following basement waterproofing systems to help keep your basement dry and clean:

  • Basement drainage system
  • Waterproof wall panels
  • Vapor barrier

Avoid Mold Growth with Total Foundation Solutions

When it comes to your home, we want to protect it from damage just as much as you do. We have provided waterproofing solutions to customers throughout Northwestern Pennsylvania and Western New York to prevent mold growth and create a safe and healthy environment. Let the Erie mold growth prevention experts at Total Foundation Solutions protect your home.

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