Protect Your Erie, PA Home from Flooded Basement Damage

A flooded basement is a devastating discovery for any homeowner. Not only does it impact your basement, but it can impact the rest of your home as well. It is important to act before your home in the Erie area needs help for a flooded basement. Being proactive in waterproofing your basement can protect it from water damage and help you avoid costly issues in the future.

Total Foundation Solutions provides a variety of different solutions in homes across northwestern Pennsylvania, western New York, and Erie, PA for flooded basements. Protect your home from damage caused by a leaky basement or other flooding issues. 

What Causes Basement Flooding?

Basements can flood for a number of reasons. Because they’re the lowest point of your home, they are more susceptible to flood damage than any other room in your house. Once the flooding occurs, it can wreak havoc on your basement and your home. 

It’s important to know the causes of basement flooding so that you know how to prevent it and protect your home from water damage. Whether you’re in northwestern Pennsylvania or western New York, our Erie based flooded basement repair professionals can bring you this expertise.

Floor and Wall Cracks

If there are any floor or wall cracks caused by foundation settlement, this creates a perfect gateway for water to enter your basement. No matter how big or small the crack may be, water can seep through even the tiniest of cracks and enter your basement. This means it’s important to contact a leaky basement repair and restoration team like Erie’s experts at Total Foundation to fix the cracks before they become a major flooding hazard.

During heavy rains, water saturates the soils surrounding your basement walls and floors. The saturation can exert pressure against your basement walls and floors and cause water to seep through the cracks. 

Plumbing Flood

A number of plumbing issues can cause flooding in your basement. With its constant water supply, a plumbing issue can cause devastating damage in a short amount of time as water can constantly pump into your basement and cause flooding. 

Plumbing floods can occur from:

  • Failing washing machine hoses 
  • Leaky water heater units
  • Burst pipes

Water Heater Flood

Water heaters can burst and cause gallons of water to pour into your basement in a very short amount of time. Water heaters automatically refill themselves and can cause your basement to flood very quickly if it’s not caught in time. 

Leaky Windows

Leaky basement windows can lead to basement flooding or other water damage. If there are any holes or voids between your window and the window frame, it can cause water to enter your basement. During heavy rains, this can lead to extensive flooding and water can pour in your basement very quickly. 

Any of these situations can cause your basement to flood. As a homeowner, it’s important to keep an eye out for these potentially hazardous signs of flood damage.

Damage Caused from Basement Flooding

Not only is a flooded basement a wet mess to clean up, but it can also cause a number of different headaches besides flooding. Our Erie basement restoration and repair contractors are very familiar with these issues for homes across northwestern Pennsylvania and western New York.

If water damage is left untreated, there are many different types of damage that can occur in your basement:

Musty odors: Untreated water damage can give off a foul odor, impacting the air quality in your basement as well as the rest of your home. 

Mold growth: Mold can quickly grow in a moist environment, so if there is moisture in your basement, mold growth can cause damage to your basement. 

Wood rot: Moisture can condensate on any exposed wood in your basement and eventually cause it to break down and rot, resulting in weak floor joists or beams.  

Increase of bugs and pests: If you notice an increase in bugs and pests, it could be a sign of moisture issues in your basement.  

Solutions for Protection from Basement Flooding in Erie, PA

Protect your basement from flooding or other water damage by installing our basement waterproofing products:

  • Basement drainage system 
  • Waterproof wall panels 
  • Vapor barrier

Let Total Foundations Solutions Protect Your Home from Basement Flooding

We are Northwestern Pennsylvania and Western New York’s trusted company for basement waterproofing. If you notice any signs of basement flooding and need help, contact Erie’s basement repair and restoration professionals at Total Foundations Solutions right away for a free estimate and recommendations on how to fix the problem.