Common Foundation Problems in Northwestern PA and Western NY

We provide expert foundation repair for all types of foundation problems

No homeowner wants to deal with foundation problems. In many cases, foundation repair can be extensive and costly, especially if the issues have been neglected for a while. Thankfully, if you can correctly identify the problem early on, you can limit the scope of the damage.

Total Foundation Solutions is a trusted name for foundation repair in Erie, and our team can evaluate your home to properly diagnose your foundation problems. Floor repair, wall repair, structural repair—you can count on us for it all! No matter the condition of your foundation, we’ve got a solution that will suit your needs and restore the integrity of your home.

Have you noticed cracks in your walls or floors? Are your foundation walls bowing or sliding? Is your chimney tilting? These are all signs of foundation damage, and it’s important that you call us right away at 814-208-9442 and ask for your free repair estimate to get started.


Foundation Wall Problems

Problems in your foundation walls can show up as bowing or buckling, stair-step cracks, or inward tilting.


Floor Problems

If there’s a separation between your floors and walls, cracks in your floors, or you have bouncing or sagging floors, you may have problems with your foundation.


Soil Problems

Many foundation problems are caused by issues with the soil surrounding the home.

Our expert foundation repair starts with a thorough inspection

At Total Foundation Solutions, we’re proud to provide the best foundation products and repair techniques in the industry. With over 30 years of experience, we have the skills and expertise needed to tackle any kind of foundation problem. We will take the time to correctly identify your issue and create a custom solution that gives you lasting results and priceless peace of mind.

Is your Erie home having foundation problems? We offer floor repair, wall repair, soil stabilization, and many other foundation repair solutions. Give us a call today at 814-208-9442 or contact us through our online form. Our team of foundation repair experts offers free estimates, so request yours now to get started!