Foundation Wall Repair Services in Jamestown, NY

If you have cracked, bowing, or buckling walls, we can help!

The condition of your foundation walls is one of the biggest indicators of the structural integrity of your home, and symptoms in your walls can point to potentially serious issues that need to be addressed right away. If you’ve noticed your foundation walls are bowing, tilting, or cracking, or you’ve noticed your doors and windows are sticking, it could indicate the need for foundation repair. Total Foundation Solutions is proud to be a leader in the foundation industry, with over 30 years of experience serving the Jamestown, NY area with foundation wall repair services. We can assess, properly diagnose, and repair any type of foundation problem. 

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Bowing Walls

A bowing foundation wall is often caused by inward pressure from the soil outside. Soil can take on water and expand, increasing the pressure on the wall. This can lead to inward bulging or bowing, tilting walls, diagonal cracks in the wall corners, or the classic stair-step crack in the wall. Any of these signs spell trouble for your home! At Total Foundation Solutions, we solve bowing wall problems using tools like the GeoLock® Wall Anchors to restore stability and prevent further wall movement.

Wall Cracks

Cracks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including diagonal, horizontal, vertical, and stair-step patterns. Foundation wall cracks in your Jamestown home can be caused by inward hydrostatic pressure, foundation settlement, or the natural shrinkage of concrete. If you’ve noticed large or expanding cracks in your walls, you could have structural problems on your hands. We may use products like foundation piers to correct settlement, or crawl space support jacks to support weakened structures. You can trust our Jamestown foundation wall repair team to recommend the right products for your individual situation.

Collapsing Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are designed to hold up against the lateral pressures of soil, but over time, they can tilt, buckle, or crack. Has your retaining wall started tilting or separating from the adjacent structure? If so, Total Foundation Solutions is here to help repair your retaining wall cracks in Jamestown. Foundation issues are often due to expanding soils, poor drainage, or poor construction, but we can fix your retaining walls with ease. Using wall anchors or helical tiebacks, we can restore your retaining walls to their original stability.

Jamestown NY Foundation Wall Repair Services | Retaining Wall Cracks

Foundation and Retaining Wall Repair in Jamestown, NY

If you’ve noticed signs of foundation or retaining wall damage, don’t delay! Total Foundation Solutions is your go-to team for foundation and retaining wall repair services in Jamestown. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate!