Hydrostatic Pressure on Basement Walls

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When it comes to potential causes of basement or foundation damage, hydrostatic pressure is a major key player. Here at Total Foundation Solutions, we have many years of experience dealing with the effects of hydrostatic pressure on homes throughout the Erie area. So, what is hydrostatic pressure, and why is it such a huge threat to your home?

What is Hydrostatic Pressure!

Hydrostatic pressure can best be described as the constant force of water pressure exerted on your basement walls. When the soil surrounding your foundation takes on moisture, the soil expands and grows heavier. This pushes inwards, sometimes so much that your basement walls begin to lean, bow, bulge, or crack, potentially allowing flooding and other water damage. The deeper your foundation and the wetter your soil conditions, the more force is exerted and the higher the risks.

Any part of your home that is underground, like most basements, is susceptible to hydrostatic pressure-related damage. Essentially, your home stands in the way of natural water movement and that water will place a great deal of stress on your walls, particularly after rain or snowfall. Hydrostatic pressure is a major concern for those living on hillsides or on slopes, as well as those who don’t have adequate drainage around their foundation. 

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

If your home was built in the last decade or so, your concrete foundation may be able to withstand the pressure—for a while anyway. But older homes built on older concrete may experience more issues. Thankfully, our team of Erie basement contractors is here to help, no matter when your home was built or how it’s situated. We’ll take our time to thoroughly assess your foundation and see if hydrostatic pressure is to blame for the flooding, mold growth, bowing or cracked walls, musty odors, or any other issue you may be experiencing.

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