Exterior Drain System Installation in Erie, PA

One of the best ways to protect your home from water damage is to prevent the water from entering your property in the first place. There are several options for this type of exterior waterproofing of your foundation in Erie, and installing a drainage system is among the best options. Here at Total Foundation Solutions, we provide professional, customized exterior drain system installation for Erie homeowners, and can help you take this important step toward preserving the life of your home!

Keep water away from your basement with a quality exterior drain system installed by Erie’s top foundation waterproofing company. While it’s always a great idea to have some interior waterproofing strategies in place, like a basement perimeter drain and sump pump, having exterior drainage can give you even greater peace of mind. One of our Erie exterior drainage experts will consult with you about how we can install a drainage system around your home to prevent water from ever reaching your basement. Exterior foundation waterproofing is a smart investment, especially for those whose homes are in low-lying areas or are situated in climates that receive a lot of precipitation.

When rain, snow, or other moisture sinks into the soil around your property, it will too often seep into the space around your foundation. Over time this process causes expansion of the soil, which exerts tremendous pressure against your foundation walls. The result is bowing and cracking walls, leaking, flooding, and potentially serious structural problems. Better to catch that water before it compromises your foundation!

Installing an exterior drain system on your Erie home typically involves some minor excavation around the perimeter of the building in order to properly lay the pipe catchment system. The pipe will collect moisture and direct it away from your foundation, helping you rest well knowing your home is protected.

Total Foundation Solutions is the most trusted name in Erie for foundation waterproofing services. When you are ready to learn more about the benefits of installing an exterior drainage system on your Erie home, and to get your free estimate, give us a call! We look forward to working with you!