Protect Your Erie Home from Basement Water Damage

Moisture is one of the biggest threats to homes throughout this area, and basements are particularly susceptible to moisture accumulation. When water is allowed into your basement, even in small amounts, it can cause serious damage and put your health at risk too. Not only can moisture cause wood rot and concrete bowing, but it can also lead to mold and mildew growth. If you’ve noticed musty odors, mold, warped floors, or cracks in your foundation, give us a call at Total Foundation Solutions right away. We’re proud to offer the best basement waterproofing in Erie and can help you take back your home from moisture-related damage.

There are four main causes of basement water damage:

  1. Floor cracks: Cracks in your basement floor, whether they’re big or small, can allow moisture to seep in. This is often a sign that your foundation is settling, thanks to changes in the soil underneath. When the soil takes on moisture, it leads to increased hydrostatic pressure against your basement floor. This pressure causes water to flood into your basement.
  2. Wall cracks: Similar to floor cracks, wall cracks can indicate a settling of your foundation, as well as increased hydrostatic pressure from the soil surrounding your home. As pressure against your basement walls increases, water may be forced in.
  3. Plumbing flood: There are many ways that your home’s plumbing could cause water damage in your basement, including leaky water heaters, faulty washing machine hoses, and burst pipes. When these things go wrong, they can cause extensive damage in a short amount of time, and can leave you with lasting issues with mold, mildew, or wood rot.
  4. Leaky windows: Sometimes basement windows are not installed correctly, or the sealant has gotten old, or the foundation has shifted leaving gaps around them. Leaking windows can lead to slow moisture accumulation, especially during times of rain or snow.

Let Total Foundations Solutions Protect Your Home from Basement Flooding

Thankfully, our crew at Total Foundation Solutions can help you with any issue relating to basement water damage in your Erie home. Call us today for your free inspection, and we’ll find the best foundation repair or basement waterproofing solution for you.