Problems Fixed by Foundation Piers 

You’ll probably notice secondary issues caused by foundation problems before you even realize what causes them. Doors and windows may start to stick when you try to open and close them, your chimney may tilt, cracks can appear in your walls, your foundation walls may start to bow in or crack, and you may even notice cracks appearing across the foundation slab itself!

Total Foundation Solutions utilizes a variety of foundation pier installation solutions in Youngstown for settlement and crack repair, such as push, slab, and helical piers.


Strong and stable. Our pier system will permanently solve your foundation settlement problem.

Types of Foundation Piers

Helical Piers

Featuring screw-like plates attached to a single pier, our team can “screw” a helical pier into the soil surrounding your foundation and attach it to transfer some of the weight of your home off of the foundation and onto the pier.

Push Piers

Push piers are similar to helical piers but lack the plates around the pier itself. This type of pier can reach greater depths in instances where soil conditions are unknown or poor.

Slab Piers
These piers are specifically designed for sinking concrete slabs. They require minimal excavation, can be completely hidden after installation, and, in some cases, they can raise slabs all the way back to their original position!
Helical Deck Piers

These are a more effective alternative to poured concrete piers often used for decks, sunrooms, porches, and similar structures. 

Our Youngstown Foundation Pier Installation Products

All the pier solutions we offer are manufactured by ECP, a global manufacturer of foundation repair products. All the residential foundation repair products we use on Youngstown homes are engineer-tested and come with both a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty and our own performance and installation warranty.

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