Concrete Pool Deck Leveling in Youngstown

Quickly repair uneven concrete around your pool with polyurethane foam

As we all know, pool safety is paramount! When you have uneven concrete surfaces for any reason such as dipped, protruding, or settled concrete, this can be quite hazardous. 

When you need a professional pool deck repair company in Youngstown, contact our team at  Total Foundation Solutions for a free estimate! Our concrete lifting and leveling team in Youngstown has restored hundreds of pool decks and uses only the most advanced tools. Polyurethane foam is an innovative technology when it comes to repairing concrete; it is faster and more affordable than full pool deck replacement. This is often a better option than pool deck replacement, as it’s a cost-effective and time-saving solution.

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Sinking concrete around a pool is a common problem that creates tripping hazards.

Causes of a sinking concrete pool deck

When an in-ground pool is constructed, a large amount of upturned, loose soil is created. When the slab of heavy concrete is poured, the loose soil shifts and settles. This leads to the concrete settling and hazardous cracks or uneven surfaces may appear.

concrete raising for pool deck before and after

Concrete pool deck restoration

Often, there’s an easier and more affordable solution than tearing out the old pool deck and completely replacing it. With polyurethane foam, an expanding foam injected beneath your settled pool deck, the concrete is raised back to its proper level. Polyurethane foam restores the integrity of your pool deck without disruption of your landscaping or pool use.

How polyurethane foam works to repair your settled pool deck 

Polyurethane foam is a high-density polyurethane foam mixture that is injected through small holes drilled in the settled concrete by our highly trained and skilled technicians. With polyurethane foam, the safety and integrity of your pool deck will be restored without the need to completely replace your concrete.

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